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Extremes: Survival in the great deserts of the southern hemisphere

Australian National University: gospel.

Challen, Bernie: porcelain insulator with metal jacket, documents, wooden Morse sounder with stand, galvanometer, brass Morse key, books, portable telegraph set, iron wires.

Intelligent Robotics Research Centre: solar Mars robot.

Iziko Museums of Cape Town: ostrich eggshell water flasks, strand of ostrich eggshell beads, tortoise shell cosmetic box, digging stick, wooden bow, bark quiver, gumstick, poisonstick, firesticks, hide sandals, let rattles, skin bag, skin hunting bag, wooden mortar and pestle, milk pail, tsama knives, hunting arrows, metal tobacco pie, rock engraving.

Macleay Museum: cameo portrait of Ludwig Leichhardt.

Museo Arqueologico de La Serena: balsa raft.

Museo Arqueológico R.P. Gustavo Le Paige, s.j, Instituto de Investigaciones Arqueologicas y Museo, Universidad Catolica del Norte: 16 archaeological artefacts including copper axe head, bowls and stone artefacts.

Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory: blades, thumbnail scrapers, tula adge slugs, grindstones, Pleistocene flakes, Pleistocene bifacial core, blade core, Pleistocene scrapers, scrapers.

National Museum of Botswana: pot rim shard, N!oma' pot shards, bone points.

National Museum of Namibia: pots, grass seed pestle, seed winnowing tray, scrapers, quartz segments, backed pieces and points, small hammer stone, pierced shale, fragment of ostrich eggshell, grooved stones, bone points, bone arrow head, bone tube, steep edged scraper, bone Nara knives, coin, bone pipe, coarse porcelain, gin bottle neck, belt buckle, ceramic shard, badge, cavalry sabre, skin bag, facetted blue, beads, ceramic bowl, ostrich eggshell, quartzite artefacts, hand axes.

National Trust of South Australia, Whyalla Branch: climbing stirrup, rope and hook.

Royal Geographical Society UK: prismatic compass, cap with gold band.

Secretaria de Cultura de la Provincia de Jujuy: 20 archaeological stone artefacts and bone points.

Smith, Dr Mike: millstone; topstone, winnowing tray, burnt torches.

South Australian Museum: Leather sandals, arrow shafts, ball of wool, bone spatula, bow, bone container with skin lid, wood tiling knife, Llama bridle, quiver, wooden toggle, slate, sword, needles, leather pouch, bag, tablet, wood carving, clay pot, holster, belt and gun, compass, casts, spear.

South Australian Police Historical Society: handcuffs and padlock.

State Library of New South Wales: Dollard compass.