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Appendix 6: Conferences, forums, seminars and lectures conducted by the National Museum of Australia July 2003-June 2004 (page 2 of 3)

Date Program Speaker Description
1 September Lecture and book launch Dr Jane Carruthers, Senior Lecturer, Department of History, University of South Africa South African National Parks: A Celebration
1 September Forum Speakers included David McNulty; Jim Cavaye; Chris Duke; John Tierney; Anthony Albanese; Evelina Porter Learning Communities (with the Adult Learning Association)
5 September Film screenings Matthew Fallon and Marissa Martin, Convenors, Short::seasons Short::seasons, the bi-annual screening of film and video by ACT filmmakers
6 September Talk and tour Sophie Jensen, Senior Curator, National Museum of Australia Posts, Rails and Barbed Wire (with Lanyon Homestead)
7 September Talk Tim the Yowie Man The Tasmanian Tiger: Still Wanted Dead or Alive (for National Threatened Species Day)
14 September Talk and film screening Ian Doyle, filmmaker, Source to Sea Source to Sea: The Story of the Murray Riverboats
14 September Forum Jack Waterhouse, Editor-in-Chief, Canberra Times; Sigrid McCausland University Archivist, Australian National University; Jonathon Everett, furniture designer, Trout Design; Rick Mitchell, sail-maker and shipwright Trades through the Ages (relating to the Rare Trades exhibition)
17 September Talk and tour Patrya Kay, Conservator, National Museum of Australia; Mat Trinca, Senior Curator, National Museum of Australia Dry Facts Wet Specimens: Talk and Tour of the National Museum of Australia's Wet Specimen Collection from the Australian Institute of Anatomy Collections (Friends)
18 September Lecture Dr Nigel Helyer, sculptor and sound artist Sonic Architecture (with the Australian Centre for Arts and Technology, Australian National University)
21 September Talk and tour Sophie Jensen, Senior Curator, National Museum of Australia; Michael Van Der Sommen, Kamberra Wine Company; Ken Helm, Helm Wines Rare Vintages Talk and Tour (with Kamberra Wine Company and Helm Wines for the Rare Trades exhibition)
21 September Lecture Les Murray, poet Celebrating Australians Series: Shock
Date Program Speaker Description
23 September Lecture Professor Chris Goddow, John Curtin School of Medical Research, Australian National University The Human Genome: Decoding the Body's Disease-Fighting Manual (with the Australian National University)
23 September Talk Charlotte Nattey, decoratives arts expert Tiaras will be Worn: The Social History of Tiaras (Friends)
24 September Lecture Rodney Kennedy, Head, Telecommunications and Engineering, Australian National University 'Back to the Future' with Wireless Communications (with the Australian National University)
26 September Forum David Pembroke, Brumbies Team Advisor Pies, Beer and Rugby, relating to the Rugby World Cup (Friends)
28 September Talks and demonstrations Annette Miles, wigmaker; Bob Butler and Nick Bishop, coopers; Brian Tanti, coachbuilder Rare Trades Demonstration Day (Artisans and tradespeople featured in the exhibition)
610 October Workshops Margie Hann Syme, children's illustrator Your Stories: Writing Workshops for Young People
7-8 October Tour and workshop Tim the Yowie Man Tim the Yowie Man Mystery Tour - a tour discovering the mysteries of the Museum
8 October Lecture Professor Tony Jorm, Director, Centre for Mental Health Research, Australian National University Mental Health: What You Don't Know Can Harm You
13-21 October Workshops and talks Ms Edwina Jans, Access and Disability Consultant My Australia: Banner Project (with Brian Hennessey Rehab Group; Rainbow Room; Sharing Creativity; Dickson College)
16-19 October Film screening Matthew Fallon and Marissa Martin, convenors Canberra Short Film Festival: Youth, Local and National Competition, Finals and Awards
18 October Lecture and Family Day Don Loffler, author and FJ Holden expert FJ Holden 50th Anniversary Family Fun Day
22 October Forum Narelle Hargreaves, Director, Children's Services, DECS; Hon. Margaret Reid, Senator; Fran Hinton, Chief Executive of the ACT Department of Education, Youth and Family Services; Jackie French, author; Dr John Irvine, children's psychologist Launch of ACT Children's Week
22 October Talk Dr John Irvine, children's psychologist Communication: the key to functional families (Children's Week Talk)
Date Program Speaker Description
23 October Lecture Katherine Neil, sound designer and programmer, Infogames Melbourne House Putting the BAM! in your frag: videogame sound and beyond. (New Media Lecture with the Australian Centre for Arts and Technology, Australian National University)
23 24 October Conference Key speakers included Jon Lipsky, Associate Professor of Acting and Playwriting College for the Arts, Boston University; Greg Lissaman, Artistic Director, Jigsaw Theatre; Thor Blomfield, X-Ray Theatre; Scott Wright, Erth Visual and Physical Inc.; Brian Ladd, Art Gallery of NSW; Andrish Saint-Clare, Artback NT Arts Touring Inc.; Paul Brinkman, Cairns Regional Gallery Spotlight on Performance: Second National Performance Forum on Performance in Cultural Institutions (co-hosted with ScreenSound Australia, Old Parliament House, Australian War Memorial, Questacon: The National Science and Technology Centre, NDS Productions and Arrow Solutions)
24 October Lecture Morris Gleitzman, author Universal Children's Day Lecture, the Walter McVitty Lecture (with the University of Canberra)
29 October Seminar Professor Michael Adler, President, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. Wireless Standards Activity at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (with the National Institute of Physical Sciences, Australian National University
29 October Lecture Professor Alan Thorne, Archaeology and Natural History, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University Why Adam Never Met Eve: New Evidence at the Heart of the Debate Over Modern Human Origins (with the National Institute of Bioscience, Australian National University)
31 October Symposium John Harms, writer and broadcaster; Richard Waterhouse, Professor of History and Head of the School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry, University of Sydney; Eddie Butler-Bowdon, Program Manager, Art and Heritage Collections, City of Melbourne; Dr Jeff Brownrigg, Director, People's Voice, National Community History Project and Head of Research and Academic Outreach, ScreenSound Australia Why Australia Stops for the Melbourne Cup (with Manning Clark House and the Independent Scholars Association of Australia)
Date Program Speaker Description
2 November Lecture Susanna De Vries, author Celebrating Australians Series: Devotion
8 November Workshop Gundie Kuchling, artist and writer Illustration workshop
9 November Talk Matt Kaye, Coaching and Development Manager, ACT Rugby Union Rugby for Dummies (part of the Rugby World Cup programming)
12 November Learning circle Sophie Jensen, Senior Curator, National Museum of Australia Eternity Gallery tour (with the University of the Third Age)
12 November Student presentation night Presented by Professor Adam Shoemaker, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Australian National University Australian Centre for Arts and Technology Student Presentation Night, Australian National University
22-23 November Workshop Dennis Tupicoff, writer and director One Frame at a Time: Animation Master Classes
24 November Lecture Richard J Weller, Associate Professor, Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts, University of Western Australia and Director: Room 4.1.3 The Garden of Australian Dreams (Friends)
26-30 November Conference Speakers included Richard Fung, Canada; Jane Gaines, Duke University, USA; Shohini Ghosh, Jamia University, India; Judith Helfand, USA; Sergei Ivanov, Russia; Merata Mita, New Zealand and Hawaii; Sergei Moshkov, Russia; Derek Paget, Worcester College, UK; Lucien Taylor, The Film Study Center, Harvard University, United States The Art of Documentary Conference showing contemporary documentary practice (with the Australian National University, the National Gallery of Australia and Electric Shadows)
2 December Lecture Associate Professor Mike Morwood, archaeologist, University of New England; Dr Fachroel Aziz, palaeontologist, Geological Research and Development Centre Adventures in Flores: Archaeology in Indonesia from an Australian Perspective
5 December Lecture Elaine Gurian, international museum consultant Contest and Contemporary
7 December Parade Fashion Design students from the Canberra Institute of Technology Fashionist: CIT Fashion Parade (with the Canberra Institute of Technology)
14 December Forum Peter Corris, writer and journalist; Alex Palmer, writer; Gabrielle Lord, writer; Dorothy Jonston, writer; Stuart Coupe, reviewer Why do we love crime fiction?
Date Program Speaker Description
3 + 10 + 17 January Film screening Matthew Fallon, convenor Outlawed! Film Festival
4 + 11 + 18 January Film screening Matthew Fallon, convenor Outlawed! Films for Kids
6 - 17 January Workshops and demonstrations Frane Lessac, illustrator in residence Illustration demonstrations and workshops
10 January Lecture Dr Pascal Lee, Principal Investigator of the NASA Haughton-Mars Project The Mars Explorer's landing on Mars
11 - 25 January Outlawed! tours and storytelling Nigel Sutton, NDS Productions Storytelling in the Hall and a tour within the exhibition
14 January Workshop Michael Westaway, Repatriation, National Museum of Australia CSI at the NMA: Forensic Workshop
15 January Workshop Mark Greenwood, author and musician The Legend of Lasseter's Reef and The Legend of Moondyne Joe: Writing Workshop
20 January Tour Tim the Yowie Man Outlawed! exhibition followed by bus tour to bushranger sites near Canberra
21 - 22 January Tour Tim the Yowie Man Mystery Tour of the Museum for children
25 January Performance Chinese Australian Association performers Chinese New Year Celebrations: Year of the Monkey, with the ACT Chinese Australian Association
26 January Lecture Dr Tim Phillips, Sociology and Social Work, University of Tasmania What do Australians think of themselves?: The Results of a Survey Conducted by Dr Phillips
26 January Public Conversation Professor Fiona Stanley, Australian of the Year; George Negus, ABC journalist Part of Celebrating Australians Series - Professor Fiona Stanley in conversation with George Negus
3 February Lecture and film Geremie Barmé, Co-director, Division of Pacific and Asian History, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies Part of Australian National University Asia Pacific Week
4 February Lecture and film Michael Morgan, Centre for Conflict and Post-Conflict Studies, Asia -Pacific School of Economics and Government Part of Australian National University Asia Pacific Week
4 February Lecture Deborah Carmichael, Associate Editor of the United States Film and History Journal and lecturer, Oklahoma State University Jesse James: American Robin Hood and Media Creation in the 19th and 20th centuries
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