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Appendix 4: Inward loans extended between 1 July 2003 - 30 June 2004 (page 3 of 3)


Art of Africa: bodymap

Kinahan, Dr John: colonial border sign

Museo Arqueologico San Miguel de Azapa: collection of artefacts from Chile

Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino: Quipu

Museo Historico Nacional: Spanish Conquistador helmet, breastplate and sword

Museo Nacional de Historia Natural: collection of artefacts from Chile

Royal Geographical Society of South Australia: Ernest Giles sign


Aborigines Advancement League: three paintings by Lin Onus

Adams, Leith: four posters

Alexander Turnbull Library: collection of artwork all relating to Hone Heke; poem by Hone Heke and two cantos

Autry Museum of Western Heritage: dime novels, two wax mannequins, three signs and a law enforcement badge

Bathurst District Historical Society Inc.: timber door from Dunns Plains homestead

Brewhouse Yard Museum: earthenware tankard, dish, cooking pot, cup, bowl, globular jug and lamp

Canberra Museum and Gallery and the Nolan Gallery: Kelly and Horse, Police in Wombat Hole and Steve Hart paintings by Sidney Nolan, and Hold-Up Ahead sign by Richard Tipping

Castello di Giuliano and La Casa Museo: bicycle, uniform top and typewriter

Commendator Marco Viada: Carabinieri uniform

Crawford, Michael: Belle Star, Jesse James and Billy the Kid dolls

Cummins, Ian: candelabra

Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Melbourne: copy of Dan Morgan death mask and copy of Ned Kelly death mask

Faithfull, Robert: Faithfull Brothers gold bushranger medal

Foster, Stephen: book, Phoolan Devi: The Autobiography of India's Bandit Queen

Gabb, Keith and Judy: four glass goblets with illustrations of bushrangers

Gorringe, Jennie: two ceramic totems

GRM International: LC5 branding iron

Hall, Lester: Ace Hone and Psst Hone Heke was a tattooed savage paintings by Lester Hall

Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales, Justice and Police Museum: handcuffs, knife, five guns, Thomas Rogan death mask, phrenology bust, Captain Moonlight death mask

Instituto Zatatecano de Cultura: saddle, revolutionary felt high top hat and photographs

Kaikohe and District Historical and Mechanical Society: Somersetshire Regiment hat and coat, two guns, three tewhatewha, three Toki, two Taiaha, six cannonballs, three Nakahi Tokotoko, Mere and Patu

Macau Museum of Modern Art: 108 Shiwan ceramic figures, heroes of the Shui Hu legend

Manning Valley Historical Society: 16 guage shotgun

Maple-Brown, James IF and Pamela: photographs of the Faithfull Brothers, 'Welcome Home' flag, letter from the Colonial Secretary, Faithfull Brothers gold bushranger medal, and revolver and holster

Moore, Laurie: facsimile tomahawk and nulla nulla, part of fence post and homestead slab

Museo Nacional de le Revolucion: two flags, litter, grey hat and wooden bust of Francisco Villa

Museum of London: theatrical character plate, Rondel dagger, flesh hook, three arrowheads, arrow, two scabbards and a knife

Museum of New Zealand,Te Papa Tongarewa: Hone Heke, watercolour by DK Turner and Burial Place of Hone Heke, Bay of Islands, watercolour by Alfred Sharpe

Museum of the Big Bend: Federal Army hat, Sombrero, battle flag, three life-size cut-outs, reins, headstall and bit, Mauser rifle, calvary sword and officer's sword

Museum of the Riverina: bullet taken from Henry Baylis's body; gold bushranger medal presented to Henry Baylis

Museum Victoria: colt centre fire revolver

Narrabri and District Historical Society: saddle with Captain Thunderbolt association

National Library of Australia: five paintings by Patrick William Marony, Faithfull Brothers bushranger medal, Ben Hall's revolver, two paintings of Hone Heke, Maori war cleaver and three books

National Theatre - Japan Art and Culture Organisation: handmade model of Kibuki Theatre set

Old Melbourne Goal: copy of George Melville death mask

Performing Arts Collection of South Australia: costume worn by Sam Neil in Robbery Under Arms

Pickup, Dr John: Tranter revolving rifle, tipping and Lawden pistol and Colt navy revolver

Pollock's Toy Museum: toy theatre 1870s

Pony Express Historical Association: booklet, Jesse James's cof?n handle, Jesse James's coffin fragments, cast of Jesse James's tooth

Port Macquarie Historical Museum: Winchester rifle

Powerhouse Museum: lead bullet, belt and ammunition pouch, 'Long Service and Good Conduct' medal awarded to Thomas Quigley

Queensland Museum: riding crop, handcuffs and revolver

Rankin, David: Greenstone Mer, Taiaha, Awhiowhio Rangi (God Stick), Kauteawha Toki (cutting implement), and Matarahurahu (Hone Heke flag)

Royal Historical Society of Queensland: Jimmy Governor pastel by Oscar Fristrom

Royal Opera House: theatre playbill 1799

Royd, Margaret and Roger: Ned Kelly film script, 1970

Rural City of Wangaratta: replica Ned Kelly sash

Shephard, Denis: enamel mug

Shochiku Costume Company: kimono

Sisters of Charity Archives: scrapbook by Frank Pearson

Skeat, Helen: Robin Hood Fiddlesticks game

State Library of New South Wales: Faithfull Brothers gold bushranger medal, Lowe Brothers gold bushranger medal, David Henry Campbell's pocketwatch

Storico dell'Arma dei Carabinieri: commemoration medal 19491950, diploma, picture of Salvatore Giuliano and display of 19 medals and picture

Victoria Police Historical Unit (Police Museum): two historical police uniforms

Warden, James: coffee mug (Ned Kelly)

Warner Bros. Corporate Archives: Billy the Kid costume, Robin Hood costume, posters, wardrobe sketches and photographs, pressbook, script, shooting schedule and trade advertisements

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