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Internal and external scrutiny (page 1 of 3)

Internal audit

An external service provider, KPMG, delivers internal audit services to the Museum under a three-year service contract. The major reviews completed by the internal auditors during 2003-2004 concerned:

  • financial compliance
  • human resource compliance
  • protective security
  • asset management
  • Goods and Services Tax/Fringe Benefits Tax compliance
  • procurement and contract management
  • costing and pricing of Museum goods and services.

A review of facilities management was underway at 30 June 2004.

External audit

The ANAO continued to audit the Museum's annual financial statements.

The ANAO's report on the Museum's 2003-2004 financial statements was unqualified and was signed on 30 July 2004 (see Part 4).

The ANAO completed its performance audit of investment management in government agencies during the year. The report is expected to be presented to Parliament late in 2004.

Risk management and fraud control

To ensure efficient and effective delivery of programs and to promote sound business practices, the government requires all Commonwealth agencies to have risk management plans. The Museum has a commitment to fostering a culture of risk management throughout the organisation, through its risk management framework.

The framework comprises a risk management plan, and an instruction manual and proformas for staff, as well as ongoing training. The Museum encouraged compliance amongst all staff this year by issuing a ready-reference tool in the form of a mousepad depicting the Museum's risk matrix and recommendations for risk treatment. The Museum is also working towards having risk management and occupational health and safety reporting included within its performance management framework for managers. The risk management framework and its components are to be reviewed in the first half of 2004-2005 as part of the ongoing review cycle.

The Museum also continued to participate in Comcover's Annual Risk Management and Insurance Benchmarking program. Through this program the Museum gains a performance-based discount on its Comcover insurance premium, as well as assistance in continuously improving its own processes.

Another achievement during the year was the finalisation of the Museum's fraud risk analysis plan, developed in accordance with the Commonwealth Fraud Control Policy. The Council's Audit and Finance Committee endorsed the plan and it is expected that training will commence for all staff early in 2004-2005.

There were no reports of fraud during the year.

Freedom of information

The Freedom of Information Act 1982 requires each Australian Government agency to publish a statement setting out its role, structure and functions, the documents available for public inspection, and access to such documents. This statement is available in Appendix 10.

There were no formal requests for access to documents under section 15 of the Act during 2003-2004.

Privacy legislation

The Museum provides information as required to the Privacy Commissioner for inclusion in the Personal Information Digest. No reports by the Privacy Commissioner under section 30 of the Privacy Act 1988 concerning actions or practices by the Museum were received during 2003-2004.

Formal decisions/notifications/Ministerial directions

Under Section 28 of the Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act 1997 the Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts must consult Council members before notifying them of a general policy of Government. The Minister wrote to the Museum in February 2004 regarding a new general policy on a National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry.

During the year the Museum also received Council appointment notifications.

Significant event

There were no significant events advised to the Minister by the Museum during 2003-2004 in accordance with the Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act 1987.

Legal actions

As at 30 June 2004 the Museum was party to a legal action relating to a workplace injury involving a contractor's employee. The Museum is defending this action.


No new issues or matters about the Museum were referred to, or raised with, the Commonwealth Ombudsman's Office.

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