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  • Open today 9am–5pm
  • Free general admission
  • The displays are enthralling, the whole concept. The big curly thing attracts you - it was calling to us as we drove over the bridge yesterday

    January 2003 visitor

  • Complements other Canberra sites; didn't double up on War Memorial or Parliament House

    October 2002 visitor

  • I hate museums but this one ROCKS!!

    March 2003 visitor

  • I touched a rock that was over 1 million years old

    Emma, aged 10

  • It made me feel like a kid agen.

    Tom, aged 26

  • The illogical way it's set out, so every time you come here you find something new, and it's big enough so that you can always find something new and interesting.

    October 2002 visitor
I believe that the National Museum of Australia well understands that modern museums need to continue to monitor contemporary society and be responsive to its changes. I hope that it will continue to address controversial issues and stimulate debate.

Carol Serventy OAM BA, 2000-2003 President of World Federation of Friends of Museums

My favourite thing in the Museum by Lewis, 8 years old
My favourite thing in the Museum
  • I haven't been in another museum where, each time I dipped into the exhibits, all the visitors - from kids to scientists, seemed so engaged.

    UK conference delegate

  • I was disappointed because the Victa lawn mower was not an original model.

    October 2002 visitor

  • Made me feel very patriotic about our achievements.

    September 2002 visitor
The flair and imagination involved in the design of the exhibits is very impressive and my impression was that there was good information to back it up. I can't wait to come back.

Northern Territory conference delegate

My favourite thing in the Museum by Dianna, 11 years old
My favourite thing in the Museum
  • Difficult to understand the architecture. Looks as though it was built by a plumber.

    September 2002 visitor

  • The cubby roofs are too low (I'm 6'3').

    October 2002 visitor

  • It's up to date but it needs more depth - causes, protests, the Menzies era.

    March 2003 visitor

  • Four hour restriction in the car park! Had to move the van ...

    September 2002 visitor

  • It's more suited to children not me (I'm 81).

    January 2003 visitor

  • Not enough on entertainment - you need circus history. Not enough about early colonial life.

    October 2002 visitor

  • The architecture of the place, with all those zany, brightly coloured buildings and structures, is an especially big hit.

    Canberra Times, March 2003

  • The strength of the [23° South] conference lay in the ability of researchers to make comparisons both across continents and across disciplines.

    Historical Records of Australian Science
    vol 14, no 3
I had the pleasure and privilege of attending the '23° S' symposium investigating the 'Archaeology and Environmental History of the Southern Deserts' - this was a world first of such nature.

Argentinian archaeologist

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