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Appendix 15

Appendix 15

Advertising and market research

The particulars of payments of $1500 or more that the Museum paid to advertising, market research, polling, direct mail, and media advertising organisations in 2002-2003 are detailed below. All amounts include the GST and have been rounded to the nearest dollar.

Name of Organisation

Summary Description


Advertising Agencies


Creative services including development copywriting, brand management, graphic design and production and printing $99,627
Jack Watts Currie


Market research organisation
Environmetrics Pty Ltd Front-end evaluation, using focus groups in Canberra and Melbourne, of the proposed Beauty exhibition
Colmar Brunton Social Research Market research for brand awareness and exhibitions, including creative concepts
Paul Keogh Consulting Web marketing analysis


Media Advertising organisations
Media Measures
Pty Ltd
Summary of media coverage September 2001-October 2002
Starcom Placement of advertising for exhibition campaigns and general Museum placements $141,060
Universal McCann
As above $177,754
Cody Media partners for brand awareness launch
Buspak As above $149,120







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